Simon Young (welovesimon) wrote in pdx_musicians,
Simon Young

Guitarist needed for all-asian band

The Band:

This is an all-asian rock band with huge dark, dance overtones (ex.: The Faint, Joy

Division, Depeche Mode, The Fall) and a triad/yakuza theme. The band already has endorsement

from Knucklehead Strings and a few others on the line (Gibson-Epiphone, Elixer, Schector), a

possible video game liscensing deal, and interest from several producers and labels

(Sony/EMI). Artist representation is through Populuxe Entertainment (


Looking for music players of all kinds: specifically, a drummer and guitarist. . We have a lot of people trying out but are narrowing it down to this: Must

have some experience, be in 20's-30's age bracket (or really close), be asian, have your own

gear, and your own reliable transportation. Looking for someone who can practice at least

once a week, do 3-5 shows a month (starting early next year), and 1-2 short west coast tours

a year. In a few years, we will probably tour Japan or Europe.


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